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Abenaa's Story

In 2011 I decided to go natural. With 20 years of getting my hair relaxed, I noticed the toll chemical processing & excessive heat was taking on my hair. Split ends, dryness & an area in the middle of my head ( what is actually referred to as the crown ) that would grow to a certain point & break off, caused me to give up the " creamy crack " & give my natural hair a chance. 

I didn't do the big chop so my crown was a combination of relaxed & natural hair. The "transition" as some would call it, started out simple. I was able to use products geared towards natural hair & achieve the styles I wanted. As time went on, more of my natural textures grew in, relaxed ends were trimmed & the products I had chosen were no longer working. I purchased many different products from different lines & nothing seemed to be working. My hair would literally drink everything up!


Having a background in cosmetic science, I decided to create my own products. I knew how to put a formula together, it was all about doing the research.


Being of Ghanaian descent on my father's side, I was aware of shea butter before it became popular in hair & skin care. Shea Butter has great properties, but was too heavy for my hair. I am also a mix of Guyanese, Irish & Native American descent, so my "crown " consists of curly, coily & fine textures, coarse & thick in some areas, fine in others. It was all about finding similar natural ingredients that could deliver the moisture, nutrients & protection my hair needed, while allowing me to create the styles I desired.


My time as a Biology major at Hampton University provided me with the experience conducting research. That experience came in handy during my quest to create the perfect product(s).


I researched natural ingredients, worked & reworked formulations, acted as my own test subject (I even broke out once or twice so those calculations & ingredients were scrapped ), tried my creations on friends & family that were willing & believed in me & what I came up with were five introductory products that achieved exactly what I was looking for...moisturized, healthy hair that was easy to manage.


I am not only the cosmetic chemist & owner of Hair Brew, I am also a loyal customer. Starting with five products, the line has grown to fourteen products & also includes sets & starter kits. In my spare time, I still research ingredients that benefit hair, skin & beards. Since the personal care industry is ever evolving, I remain in the know by reading up on industry news. I also appreciate receiving customer feedback. This lets me know what people love, what needs improvement & what products people are looking for. Hair Brew was born out of a need to improve the quality of my hair. It has grown into a brand of personal care products for men, women & children, keeping quality as its focus. 

Healthy ingredients for a healthier YOU, welcome to Hair Brew.

Curlfully yours,


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